No doubt anymore what cafe to choose. Of course CAFÈ NARINGI

It is the perfect place for all situations, business meeting, romantic date or just for a nice evening with friends, drinking a great cup of coffee. In one place you have the best European products from the most trusted manufactures. You can find here selected coffee, large choice of fresh pastries, delights like and tasty snacks. Moreover, САFÈ NARINGI is a yum-yum place because it is a style and cozy place. We work hard to offer you the best service and our prices will make you to visit САFÈ NARINGI again and again. Choose the best!


The starting point of the brand concept is the “Naringi” fruit, which has
also been chosen as the ideal naming solution, because it conveys a
fresh, healthy and positive mood, while respecting the traditional image
of bringing a gift to a friend during a visit.


The Café represents a moment of dedication to ourselves, where we
can find friends, good memories, a good start in the morning and a
relief at the end of the day.


Burgundy has been chosen as the brand’s institutional colour, as it
suggests a sense of posh yet sober elegance, the one that one would
love to find in a cozy armrest to relax in, chatting with a friend or
reading a book while, of course, sipping a good cup of hot coffee while it’s snowing outside.